sentimental symposium

Rendition of Paul Verlaine's "Colloque Sentimental"

In the old, now barren and frosted park
Two figures passed some time ago.

Their eyes are dull and their lips numbed white,
Their utterances are barely caught.

In the old, now barren and frosted park
Two ghosts extort the past.

“Do you remember our delirium in rapture?”
“Why should I remember?”

“Does your heart still murmur at the mention of my name?”
Do you still dream of the closeness of my soul when I am not near by?” “No.”

“Oh! The days of ineffable elation and constant laughter
When our lips were tinged with a lasting blush!” “Right. Wait, when?”

“How the sky was halcyon and how the hope was high!"
“In the end, hope escaped, defeated, as the sky turned hollow and shadowed.”

On they walked across the deadened, ice sculptured weeds
With only the night to overhear their words.

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