burrowed bundles

hidden away for months
from the brash stormy sky calamity,
preferring to stay curled up in warmth
dissolving into one another,
transferring heat back and forth
until somewhere in the dreamy time line
there's a short circuit in energy
and the claws protract
and the moment contracts
until they fuse into a compact
sphere of quivering life
once more.

it would seem as though
the intensity of this season's freeze
close to implosion,
pressured Sun to come out
and show himself,
prove himself
to nature's affiliates
for a showdown of the senses,
once more.

so as sun ascended,
taking its place in Sky's living room,
stroking the crackling twigs of trees,
sighing on the rigid sheets of ice,
murmuring down into the mud enclaves,
the two named Entity
yawned and nuzzled and stretched,
but always into each other,
once more.

though the glaze peeled away from their eyes,
though their fur ruffled up,
though smells infiltrated their nostrils, simultaneously tickling taste buds,
though the shelter crumbled and caved in,
the warmth only grew.
and grew.
and the cycle began
once more.

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