like[d] - telling time

A slight-eye scar on the left hand,
Tanned and dried up dirt-encrusted grooves,
A "c" and an "m" and an "a" knifed into ancient time's boulder,
Empty unfinished window frames of a 4x8 foot club house,
Left over turkey sandwiches on paper plates, on glossy red placemats,
Shrivelled up flies on the window ledges,
Like belly-up dogs aching for a belly rub.


Plaid black and white skirt being hugged from behind,
"Hey, I didn't see you there."
Scalding hot soup, making bubbles on taste buds,
Two dry winter stricken hands in one yellow pocket,
Beat up local newspaper, local acts, local laughs,
Ice cubes glinting and clashing in a plastic gin and tonic cup,
Sunlight on a pillow, hair like veins spreading across sheets,
Just you wait.

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