masonry unit

and i’m scrubbing scratching peeling these shadow leaves off cement and it’s really important you remember having seen them

and my eyes shine and i’m healthy but i twitch at the shift of a bone marrow slips and sloshes every step aside from that my entrails are in tact full brain to the brim my hair static to the ceiling high pressured and are you watching my chest caves open ear cups of smelting fire arms catapult sidewalk deep

and end stopped, this is
my dislocated body my illocutionary baring
my reductive body my recent deduction is that you-
my inflated body my latent mouth
my mutable body my mute-
my very own mutation
will you ache to call it your locus?

(you can’t insert into an outpour, can you?
or can you catch that which is poured?
or are you confused by this pour?)

plaster snow pasted the look on your face as you processed
get sick get well etched on brick wall and i’m thinking
you probably didn’t believe that
some words they just stick
and now it’s fall and-

this poor state-
a decanted silhouette

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