beef stock, revised

he sees the lengthy stalks of grass
wave and reach
and as she springs through them
all of a sudden strangely penetrable
he takes note:
the way they undulate their way
up into around through her loose licking flicking
summer dress- a smudged cream frayed hems sleeves floppy
their fluidity freedom their right of passage.
he stands
stock still.


he imagines parting her legs
to be as easy effortless unthreatening
as opening a tin can
to be easy effortless unthreatening
as spreading a thin cotton table cloth and yet-
he nicks himself on the searing metal,
his arms don’t reach wide enough
legs can jam you know

imagine tin cans tablecloths and field grass.

the press of an elevator button
a breast stroke through fluorescent waters
pushing through a revolving door
slipping a quarter into a jelly bean dispenser
and crank crank cranking a handful free
pushing slipping cranking-
and easy.
the stalks of barley sway with the pendulum of his imagination,
you could do this you could do that
they keep him in flux.
but only within the regular tempo
of will
be able ?

people men they you whoever dig
and scrape and pick around
at the bottom of a burnt-over pot
hoping to find the last wholesome morsel,
before the remains have been deemed scraps
before the taste wears off
or starts to leave a threatening unpleasant hint-
a dandelion’s stain under your
unsuspecting nose.


he watches in disarray unsuspecting
soil erodes ground slips sloshes sinks.
her arms corned beef blue in cold alarm penetrate the sky
he jolts flowers barley dirt dribble down.
he backs away roots fly up
the swallow starts.
he blinks she is cranked
up into around through
he looks she sees and you-

in his mind
you do nothing

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